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Hear how Beating the Blues® can help in your practice.

Beating the Blues Clinician Video

Hear how Beating the Blues® can help in your practice.

If you live in NZ, Beating the Blues® is available as part of your treatment through your GP.

Published Papers


Service Development in Primary Care

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Hunt, S., Howells, E., Stapleton, B ( 2006) The Addition of a Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program, to a Stepped Care, Primary Care Mental Health Service. The Journal of Primary Care Mental Health, Volume 9, Number 2, 34-38.


The paper describes the integration of ‘Beating the Blues’ into a stepped care, primary care mental health service. For the 54 clients completing the program, ‘Beating the Blues’ was found to significantly reduce depression, raise general health and increase work and social adjustment. Client feedback was also very positive- the vast majority found the program enjoyable, easy and pleasant to access, and helpful in working towards overcoming their depression and anxiety.