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      Date: Jan  1, 2004
     Title: Cost effectiveness of Beating the Blues

McCrone, P., Knapp, M., Proudfoot, J., Ryden, C., Cavanagh, K., Shapiro, D., Ilson, S., Gray, J., Goldberg, D., Mann, A., Marks, I.M. & Everitt, B (2004) Cost-effectiveness of Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care. British Journal of Psychiatry. 185, 55-62.


McCrone et al. present an analysis of the cost effectiveness of offering Beating the Blues in general practice settings (N=274). In the context of the superior clinical outcomes of Beating the Blues, no significant differences were found in healthcare service costs betweentwo groups, indicating the computer treatment is a cost-effective intervention. Moreover, patients receiving Beating the Blues evidenced a significant costin terms of practitioner certificated’ absence from work. Further, cost-utility analysis revealed benefits at a highly competitive cost per Quality-Adjusted Life Year.