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Hear how Beating the Blues® can help in your practice.

Beating the Blues Clinician Video

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If you live in NZ, Beating the Blues® is available as part of your treatment through your GP.

7 out of 10 people who have used Beating the Blues® have been able to overcome their depression.


There is a mountain of evidence supporting CBT and it has already helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

CBT provided on a computer, called online CBT (or sometimes 'computerised CBT' or 'CCBT'), has been shown to be a very effective treatment, and Beating the Blues® has been shown to be the best programme for people with depression and anxiety.

There is a lot of evidence that proves that Beating the Blues® works, doctors say it really helps, and users are very positive about the way the programme has helped them.

Users often describe completing the programme as life changing.